unraid 6.9.2 with I5-11500 - no boot screen

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Hi guys, 

still new to unraid.  i had ro replace my i3-10300 with an i5-11500 and since then I had a lot of headaches. 

Basically, all was running well on the old processor but since the new one, i keep haing problems with the video. 

I know the drivers are not in the latest kernel, so i added options i915 force_probe=4c8a to /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf

that seemed to work with plex hardware decoding. 

But I still ahve the problem at bootup where I cannot see the bootscreen to select between GUI and non-gui boot of unraid. 

strangely, the system cannot boot headless. I have to hit an enter after powerup otherwise it is stuck somewhere. I can't tell were as I cannot see anything on the screen. If i hit enter twice it seems to boot in the headless mode and then i cna see the command line. 

no matter how long i leave it there, it will not boot. it just hangs, and a short push on the power button will turn off the machine. 

Any advice for me? 

The MOBO is a H470 from asus with the lastest bios update,. 

I am really frustrated about this. Even a new install had the same problem (i wanted to start over as a cache disk replacement broke some of the containers). 

thank you. 

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thank you very much for the suggestion. in the end i started with a clean slate as besides replacing my cpu i also replaced the cache drives and it seems i really broke something. 

now i get the splash screen and i am slowly building my setup again :)

thank you.

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