Unraid Rack Server and USB

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Most of the posts I have seen are over 3+ years old so I am going to ask the following. Unless someone can point me to a newer post.


I am placing a new unraid device on a rack in another part of my house. I have two devices (a specialized scanner and special printer) that needs Windows to run. Both are usb devices seperatly attached to the server next to the devices.


If I set up the new server I know I can use a usb extender setup running through cat cable the question I have is

1. Is there something newer to do this?

2. If I use a usb powered device can I put it going to a powered hub and have the two devices running on it?


Thanks for any help.

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26 minutes ago, carltonb said:

If I set up the new server I know I can use a usb extender setup running through cat cable

It's more than just USB over CAT5.  The cheapies are nothing but a converter to the cable, and are still subject to the maximum lengths of the cable (~15' USB2, 10' USB3)


Make sure you get an active extension

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I'm looking for a solution to the same problem, but am hoping to not run any cables.


Is there a wireless or network-based solution (or anything else that doesn't require running new cables) that will let me plug in a USB device away from the server, like near a thin client, and have it "connected" to the passed through USB port in my unRAID VM?

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I pulled the trigger and picked up this item for ~$100 USD: "DS-510 USB to Gigabit Ethernet USB Device Server & AC Power Supply" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U9UDSH8


The setup was straight forward (just needed to install "client" software on my VM) and after a few option changes in that software I can now plug in a USB device into the hub on one side of my house and it automatically shows up in my VM running on my unRAID server on the other side of the house.


So far I've tested it with a USB Headphone/Microphone combo and a Silhouette Cameo (paper/vinyl cutter) and both work great.

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