Soon™️ 6.10 Series

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47 minutes ago, jonathanm said:

I'm really tempted to change the title of this thread to something like


Cipher Message of the Month

or just



Especially when the forum automatically inserts the "4 weeks later..." 🤣


I am in favor of changing it to "Soon™️" 😂😉

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  • 2 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

@SpencerJ sank the German U-boat approaching the Unraid offices, and killed the accompanying sharks.


Luckily, the unraid community on board was able to send us those final messages:




"plugboard empty"


"qgcj vhkw ajju aari czdr zemm buwm bcou drsl hxyk jxcj tpjd fiik mxuc bvpe xqui xv"



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Karl Dönitz, leading another wave of unraid community U-boats raiding the unraid offices, was able to send us this information, before @SpencerJ sank them again. Damn magnometer 😏😉


@doron, ja ja Herr Kapitän 😏😏👍




"plugboard empty"


"qgcj vhkw ajju aari czdr zemm buwm anmk ehrj xarq psgl ijdh kybp lnaq mjjh drld avu"

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  • starbetrayer changed the title to Soon™️ 6.10 Series

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