Weird Cache Drive Behavior- Reported Utilization Not Accurate?

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On version 6.9.2


So I had an issue with my docker services recently; to solve it, I just deleted my docker.img, reinstalled my container images, and everything was good. However, the cache drive is reporting much higher utilization than I would normally expect. Before resetting my docker image, the cache drive was sitting at 27% utilization (55/200gb), but now it's reporting 43% utilization (85/200gb). This conflicts both with what krusader's reporting, as well as the breakdown from a terminal command. The 30gb difference is close to what I've allocated for docker (28gb) so is that potentially a cause?   


I use my cache drive to store my docker image, appdata, and any downloads (none currently in this case) that are then transferred to my array.




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Du isn't accurate with btrfs, for single device cache the GUI is always accurate, and it checks out with btrfs stats:


    Used:              78.92GiB
    Free (estimated):         106.69GiB    (min: 106.69GiB)
    Free (statfs, df):         106.69GiB


These are is GiB, GUI shows GB, so they are the same and something is using that space, if you're not sure what is you can move some files at time to the array to find out.



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