[SOLVED] Possible DNS issue I can't isolate

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Everything has been fine for years. I saw my "my servers" was disconnected. So I logged out and signed back in. I then noticed it had an update. Did the update. Went to the settings page and hit "Provision" and "update DNS". I believe it was at this point something broke. 


My NZB no longer can resolve any of my news servers. It has a log full of connection refused. Plex can't resolve remote access correctly. Won't show all my home users. Can't log in via plex.tv. Apps sometimes work. 


Things I've tried:

Remove "Myservers plugin (reboot)

Delete SSH and SSL folder contents on Flash (reboot)

Tried 'No, Yes, and Auto' use SSL/TLS (reboots between each)

Replace 'config' folder on Flash from backup. (reboot)

Delete network.conf file and start over (reboot)

Move from piHole-Dat-Doh to basic piHole

Disable piHoles

Change all DNS on network equipment and unRaid to Google DNS instead of piHoles. Also did Cloudflare. 


There is something hung up somewhere and I can't pinpoint it. I can't ping some things from the unRaid console. I am usually OK about isolating issues by just searching but I am at a lost. I've waited 24 hours before posting to let things propagate and leases to expire/renew. 


Thanks for any help. 


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No matter how many times I changed it or what DNS I changed it to all my WANs, LANs, or VLAN,s would not work work properly. 


I must of had a DNS corruption hosed up in a switch. The only thing that fixed this was rebooting my entire network rack. 


I thought it was my unRaid box related because only a few dockers were really showing issues. 

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