how do you setup notification when drive runs out of disk space

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i trying to figure where you can setup  notification when your drive runs into 0 diskspace


i set the minum diskspace to 50GB  so  it will never go below 50GB  that double the size of the biggest file makes no sense.. but i set it to 50GB so it cant go below it

but it always goes below it..  my 1 share is for torrents, windows downloads etc.. and it spans across all the drives

but it always ends up with 1.67kbs free and buggers up..  and is there a way

if it goes below 50GB  it will send me a text message saying downloads on disk #  is gone below mininum disk space


i tried to find a feature..  that it wont allow to go below 50gb  but nothing


whats the best way...  and a way to send me notiifcations

as i keep going into krusader and then move files from 1 disk to the next disk to move say 100gb or whatever to free up the drive

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The free space CAN go below the value you set.   It is about whether a drive can be selected fo a new file and what it does is stop a NEW file going to the drive when the value falls below that value,


As an example if you had the valu set to 50GB, had 60Gb free and tried to write a 40GB file then this would be allowed and there would only be 20GB free after writing the file finished and the NEXT file would go another drive,   If the file had been 70GB then the drive would have been selected and the write-failed because 70GB was more than the available space,

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@itimpi ah ok so the min free space only protects if transfering a file  that is bigger then the min space

so it moves to the next drive that has more then the min space


so then there is no protection from like bit torrent or windows Download as i download directly  to my downloads folder on my array.

like downloading raspberry pi images i use to play with the RPI

if i have 20gb free and i downloading from windows to that share  it starts off at 0  and then goes to like 1.9 gigs  but if you do it enough times

there is no protection as it always be below the min

is there a way to protect it 

is there a way to Tell unraid...  if min 20GB   setting  equals  the Actual File Size of 20GB  do not write to this drive anymore.

so for a windows download that starts at 0   then increases  as you download  would bypass this protection


is there a way to set  20GB (min size)  =< Actual File Size    do not write to even if the file is 100kilobites


and is there a way to get notifications to tell me when actual file size goes below 20gb..   as the windows and torrents bypass 20gb min  and i end up 1.67kb   left on the disk

is there a feature  or would that be a request  for future addons to unraid

do not allow writes if it reaches the min size

as i find out after i try to do a windows dl  and it craps out afterwards but starts off normal

and i tried the 20gb and 50gb..  but was hoping for a =< actual file size  move to the next disk dont

or least a notification  to tell me by text message  disk4 is going below  min file size setting


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You seem to have it backwards from what I can see?  The Minimum Free Space setting works at the individual file level and is used when a file is first created (and at that point the code doing the drive selection makes no assumptions about how large that file is and has no access to that information).     That is why the recommended value is for it to be at least bigger than the largest file you intend to download because you are not protected against trying to put a file that is larger than that on a drive - you are protected against smaller ones as they will fit.   Once  the free space on the a drive falls below that value a different drive is selected for the NEXT file (assuming other share settings such as Split Level allow this).    If you are downloading multiple files in parallel then the Minimum Free Space needs to be bigger than the sum of the file sizes to avoid problems.


if you are downloading directly to a drive rather than to a share you are by-passing the User Share system so the setting then is not relevant as it only applies to shares.


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well i kinda understand  

if user share is set to 20gb min 

if Disk 1   has 21GB     

and i copying a file  10GB  it will copy it to Disk 1

but if the file is 25gb  it will skip Disk 1 as it sees File is bigger then 10GB free on Disk 1 and goto the next disk that has least 25GB free


but i figure also  how it worked..  if i copying 10GB file 21GB free and min  20GB  it will skip disk 1..  as i want at all times not to go below 20GB  so it will skip it.  and leave that 21 GB alone and ud only be able to copy 1GB to that disk 1



now see i get confused  

Torrents and Windows Downloads have no point of code

if when i Direct Download to User Share Downloads from a Torrent or Windows download...  and say the file is 25GB download and it chooses Disk 1  with 21GB free.

how does unraid not write to Disk1  that it will become 25GB  on drive of 21GB free    it will crap out and fail..   as unraid  cant know how big a 0bytes file will be  as 0 bytes is less then 20GB  mininum

is that not correct?   direct download of Torrent or Windows Download  bypass's the  Min File size  when you direct download to a User share

the min file size  is only good for when you have an actual file  that ur moving across the network.. not from the internet..  as a Windows or Torrent doesnt tell unraid.. this file thats about to download is going to be 25GB


thats why i asked if there is a feature   or future request

that if the Min file size 20gb  =< Actual file Size dont write



but here i lost

because  doesn it work like

if the Min size is 20GB   but files copying  is 1 GB files   doesnt it still allow to copy 1 GB files to  DISK 1

so then each file will be droping that DISK 1      19 18 17 GB and so on?

and if so

if i copy    5 1GB files  Min 20gb     actual is 21GB     so doesnt unraid allow the copying to Disk 1     so now i have 16GB  free

is that not correct


and then if i download from windows through interent  say a 20GB file.. doesnt it choose  Disk 1...    disk 1 has 16GB   free and that 20GB  cant be downloaded it cuz unraid cant tell Internet   whats the file size 

so it will crap out


thats why i said  about Actual Size   vs Min size...     so  Min Size 20GB  =< Actual Size 16GB   do  not write to this drive period 0 chances



as i currently finding this a problem i have it set Downloads 20GB   but its always 1.67KB  or whatever in 1.xxKB  it filles the drive   and i use torrent or Windows download to download to the user Share 


or another issue if u have a couple torrents   they all start at 0  and they were below the 20GB 

but as they are growing..  and they will expand  20GB min and  i guess unraid  cant now move that torrent to another drive 



i guess  thats 1 thing unraid cant do


i guess the only thing to work around this flaw is

1 Drive for your downloads  not span it across multiple disks  but you need to to have space free like always 500gb  this way odds of filling it be slim

and you dont run into the 1.67kb free  and downloads keep failing in torrents or what not  and then move the downloads drive to the array as those files be complete with ur mover  program


and i guess there is no Notifications 

to tell me Actual Size is now 1.67KB  error in a text message.. or a text message  "Warning Warnning Warning.. Actual Diskspace On Disk #  is below Min Size.. Go Check Unraid"

i guess there no feature like that that be good a notification  

as warnings doesnt help  and  i cant get Warnings or anything to send me Text messages



sorry if u covered it in your explanation my head doesnt wrap around things always..  and i have to explain it at times like a 5 yr old or one of the dummies bookes to understand.. have learning disabability dislexia.. so i may have explained things wrong to you but to me i understand it..

so please bare with me when i try to explain things


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3 hours ago, comet424 said:

but if the file is 25gb  it will skip Disk 1 as it sees File is bigger then 10GB free on Disk 1 and goto the next disk that has least 25GB free

Not quite :(  it will go to the next disk that has at least 20GB free as that is the Min Free Space setting.  If there is less that 25GB free the transfer will now fail due to running out of space.  That is why it is recommended that the Min Free Space be bigger than the largest file so that once a disk is selected there is guaranteed to be enough space for the current file.


There are no notifications along the lines you suggest - the closest is the disk warning levels that are not related to the Min Free Space setting.  You can over-ride the global setting for any drive by clicking on it on the Main tab.


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ah ok so ya bit confused 

and my long message  i guess was no easy answer or i was correct that direct downloads will always bypass the min file space..  as there is no actual file to transwer when you are direct downloading to the share..  


so all in all.. best is to have like least 200gb or more per disk... or 1 single drive ..


and well if you can add that feature i thought of for notifications  to future requests be good


and there is no  Text SMS option for the notifications..  i dont use any of the options for notifications..

as then i can get a pop up text message  saying  array is running out of disk space warning at least not find out when  i check on things a few days at a time..


but basiclly all in all..  make sure u have lots of disk space  and have least min file space 20gb or 100gb for transfering files  that way there is lot of diskspace


im more a visual learner  so i have to re read things several times with my dislexia /learning disability.. so bare with me that it doesnt snap in my head easilly  like to yourself and others.....  if i can see how it works  like drawings   etc i usually can understand it better then just words


but i appreciate all the help so far  🙂



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oh and is there a break down a better explantion of the "split levels"  i was looking for  ?  when you hover over the name under settings to explain each option in detail


and does  space invader have a video  explaining the pros and cons of the min file size.. since he does some good videos

and some other people do too

for a detailed visual display


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@jonathanm  ok thank you

ill check it out..  i know i tried   using the Email hotmail to email myself but it never worked  id never get an email 

that array wwas fine or not..


but ill try it..again maybe it was just a glitch i was having ..


i appreciate all the helps 🙂


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14 hours ago, comet424 said:

oh and is there a break down a better explantion of the "split levels"  i was looking for  ?  when you hover over the name under settings to explain each option in detail


and does  space invader have a video  explaining the pros and cons of the min file size.. since he does some good videos

and some other people do too

for a detailed visual display


there is quite a detailed description of Split Levels here in the online documentation accessible via the ‘Manual’ link at the bottom of the UnRaid GUI.

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@itimpi  so i trying to figure the link you sent and the directory optiions

does it mean

Automaticly Split  only the top  directory level = Level 1  (from the link)

Automaticly Split  only the top two directory level = Level 2 (from the link)

Automaticly Split  only the top three directory level = Level 3  (from the link)

Automaticly Split  only the top four directory level = Level 4 (from the link)

Automaticly Split  only the top five directory level  = no lvel from link but i guess be like 4 but a 5th


so the link didnt have

Automaticly Split  any directory as required    <=  what does this mean

manual : do not automaticlly split directiors <=  does this mean it writes a directory and all its contents to a single drive not span them?


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