Unraid VM server for hosting 3 VMs for intermediate browsing(hardware choice)

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The final goal is to have a system with 3 VMs hosted, to have snapshots of it every week or so, along with daily backups to the backup drives.

3 WIN10 VMs will be accessed remotely couple hours a day with some basic tasks

(called it intermediate browsing just because its not basic but its nothing complicated as well, stuff like office etc)

will run a VPN on unraid for remote access in case of need.

Worth mentioning that i dont intend to touch the server like ideally never :) but i do understand that from time to time need to check on it but would like the time between the checks be as long as possible (6 months maybe?) granted that VMs wont be getting updates on the regular basis anyways


now the question is which hardware should i opt for?


CPU - i thought of at-least 2 cores 4 threads for each machine something like 9900 , which would leave 2 more cores for unraid OS itself

i dont mind going AMD, but never had any real expirience with VMs on amd so dont know if its a good idea.

Mobo - doesn't really matter as long as it has 2 NVME slots on it for VM cache drives and fast storage cache.

some 3/1GBps NVMEs and couple SSDs for backup pulls from local PCs on the network daily (there's like 2-5MB incremental daily backups)

RAM - 16GB per machine, and like 4 or 8 for the unraid itself (don't know how much it actually needs)

another big question , should i opt for ECC memory? and change the build completely? or is regular DDR4 RAM fine? (there will be UPS incase of power failures)


case doesn't matter that much i guess.

Please enlighten and any suggestions are welcome.


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