Video signal goes out suddenly

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On 5/29/2021 at 3:57 PM, ulisses1478 said:

Do you have 2 monitors connected? Can you check if your VM still works like connecting with ssh or something like this?

I have this issue as well.

I have two monitors attached to a Nvidia 2070 Super.

The VM becomes unresponsive when this happens, it is a Windows VM and i have tried to used remote desktop when it happens but it doesn't seem to connect (says configuring session or something like that the whole time until I aborts it), also a noraml shutdown doesn't work but a forced one does.


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On 6/3/2021 at 11:44 AM, Kaveesha Ranasinghe said:

No I only have one monitor and it still happens and the VM is unresponsive.


So what to do ?

VM is unresponsive even in ssh or remote access? If yes, you should check if the vm is paused (Out space in disk most of the times), you should check if it is when the computer turn off the display and won't turn on again and disable in windows or the operation system you use, and then check with another gpu or without gpu if you can if happens the same, with other cpu cores, if it still happens after tested everything you can, you need to analyse your VM config (That is very unique so i can't help much with my knowledge)

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21 hours ago, Kaveesha Ranasinghe said:

It happens while I play games and watching movies. If I add a copy of the config will somebody be able to help me.

You need to give more details, like if the VM is really unresponsive or it is only your video card or another component like CPU, Hard Drive, etc...

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Can not even use remote access to get into the VM. That is how much the VM is unresponsive. The unraid server works fine while this happens. For example all my dockers and plugins Woking.


So what is the cause for this ?


Please fix this cause I love unraid


Processor AMD 2600

16 GB 3600 Ram

GPU RTX 2060 (Non Super)




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