NIC not being detected

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I have purchased a Dual NIC and installed it in my unRAID device, however it does not appear to be detecting it and allowing me to use it.


I have tried reseating the NIC and moving it to another slot on the Motherboard but no luck. I did install it in another PC as a test and that uses Windows, and it detected it fine.


This is the NIC I am using;


I can't see anything obvious in the logs, and can see my onboard NIC shows up fine, but could well be missing something.


Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.



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3 minutes ago, SimonF said:

Card doesn't seem to be in lspci, which motherboard slot is it in, have you confirmed slot is avaiilable if nvme etc are conmected.

Thanks for having a look. Its currently in PCIEX1_1 and has also been tested in PCIEX1_2. 
I did have a USB Expansion Card in that slot before, and any devices connected always seems to show as expected, so it should be working.

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Posted (edited)

PCIEX16_3 Control
[Auto] If PCIEX16_3 is detected, run X4 mode and disable PCIEX1_1 + 
PCIEX1_2 + PCIEX1_3, otherwise enable PCIEX1_1 + PCIEX1_2 + 
[X1 mode] PCIEX16_3 runs X1 mode and enable PCIEX1_1 + PCIEX1_2 + 
[X4 mode] PCIEX16_3 runs X4 mode and disable PCIEX1_1 + PCIEX1_2 + 


@timethrowDo you have any thing in 16_3 

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