Plugin to see the operating hours of my HDDs

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1 hour ago, itimpi said:

Are you talking about something other than the total powered on time that is available as part of a disk’s SMART information?


No - Total PowerOn Time from SMART would be ok - but all on one sheet to see it for all HDDs together.

Maybe a script can do this? Over Console?

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The Disk Location plugin does this on the multi-disk summary display.  It also displays the current temperature of each drive, regardless of whether they are spun up or not. 




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8 hours ago, S80_UK said:

You're welcome. :)

I use this on both my servers to help keep an eye on things.  It's especially helpful whenever I am moving / upgrading drives.


I used the "Server Layout" plugin for a long time.

That did exactly the same thing.

At some point it went EOL and since then I've been looking for a replacement - thanks again for this tip 👍👍👍

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