Is my Asrock x99 board dying? (no iommu groups listed)

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Hi all, my board used to have no issues passing through PCI-E nics etc. to VMs but for some reason recently it's not working anymore and I don't know what's going wrong. I've tried all sorts, pci-stub vfio bind etc. I've ACS override on and off but not having much luck. My hardware configuration hasn't changed for years apart from adding an NVME drive maybe a year or 2 ago. Asrock say installing a drive here disables PCIE-5.


When I go to Tools > System Devices it' now saying "No IOMMU Groups Available" rather than listing all of the IOMMU groups like it used to.

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Solved this myself, not sure how, as I haven't done a BIOS update for ages, but VT-D had become disabled in the BIOS. The server is on 24/7 but I guess it's possible that the battery is dead and it reset when I powered the server off?

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