Machine Check Events - Help needed understanding the issue

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So, I'm in the process of setting up my unRAID server when I got a notification regarding Machine Check Events.


I've attached the diagnostics. The relevant part of the syslog appears to be:


Jun  4 22:53:27 TheRamsServer kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
Jun  4 22:53:27 TheRamsServer kernel: [Hardware Error]: Corrected error, no action required.
Jun  4 22:53:27 TheRamsServer kernel: [Hardware Error]: CPU:0 (17:71:0) MC27_STATUS[-|CE|MiscV|-|-|-|SyndV|-|-|-]: 0x982000000002080b
Jun  4 22:53:27 TheRamsServer kernel: [Hardware Error]: IPID: 0x0001002e00000500, Syndrome: 0x000000005a020005
Jun  4 22:53:27 TheRamsServer kernel: [Hardware Error]: Power, Interrupts, etc. Ext. Error Code: 2, Link Error.
Jun  4 22:53:27 TheRamsServer kernel: [Hardware Error]: cache level: L3/GEN, mem/io: IO, mem-tx: GEN, part-proc: SRC (no timeout)


Can anyone please help me to understand this output? My server's component details are in my signature.



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For anyone stumbling across this post having the same issue, this problem *appears* to have been solved by simply updating my BIOS.


From some cursory Googling, the problem appeared to be related to overclocking my memory (to be clear, I was only running it at the XMP-rated 3600MHz speed). I had already run a memTest on the memory sticks which brought up no errors.


So, I simply updated my BIOS to see if that would solve the problem. I haven't had any Machine Check Events warnings since.

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