Trying to get 10Gbe card an ip address

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Hello all,


I have been trying to resolve this myself by reading and experimenting, but I have to concede. 🤕


I have a couple of unraid servers, all of which have Mellenox 10Gbe (M10) cards, a MikroTik switch, back to a pfsense router.

I finally figured out how to get the M10 cards to be a part of the mix, but now I cannot get them an address,



Have the M10 get an address (I use reservation), have it be 'br0' if necessary for my Dockers to utilize it, and Bond the two onboard 1Gbe NIC's to 'br1' (again if necessary). I am perfectly okay with not Bonding the two on-boards.

## I want to be able to move stuff around between the servers and desktops that support 10Gbe. That's it! (Edit: have access to a 2Gbs connection I would like to utilize too)


Attached is a pdf of the current settings from the one server I am testing on. I am surmising that if I can get this one right, I can simply 'rinse and repeat'.


Thank in advance everyone!


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