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Hi @bonienl


As per your post on memory leak thread:


Starting with Unraid version 6.10 the traditional polling mechanism is replaced by a websocket event driven model using Nchan.


Will there be a guide for the new process so devs can make changes to their plugins where they have dashboard pages?

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The ability to use Nchan anywhere (including the dashboard) has existed since 6.7.  It's only the OS dashboard that is now completely moving away from using polling.


To maintain backwards compatibility down to 6.7, you have to use the "legacy" method like FCP does (fixproblems.page lines 179-199, 265  helpers.php lines 448-461, scan.php line 188)


Main difference between how 6.9 handles it vs previous versions is that you can simply write an appropriate file and get rid of the curl commands and 6.10 simplifies it even more (and probably also has the ability to automatically stop the background process if nothing is listening anymore - which doesn't matter for FCP or diagnostics on 6.9+) (which is why the dashboard didn't originally use it since there was no real way to stop the process running in the background if nothing was listening)


I'm sure bonienl will pipe in though at some point...



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The use of Nchan is indeed already included since several Unraid versions ago and was limited to the status updates in the footer and the CPU load on the dashboard.


Unraid 6.10 introduces a new functionality to start and stop Nchan publishers (background processes) on demand. As soon as the GUI requires it a publisher is started and can optionally keep running or be stopped when the GUI does not require it anymore.


Nchan is beneficial when continuous updates are required on a GUI page. This happens on the Dashboard page and the Main page, which now use Nchan subscribers to listen to a publisher and update accordingly.


A guide will be made available for devs, which explains how to make use of this new functionality in 6.10, but keep in mind any backward compatibility requirements when a plugin is installed on an "older" version of Unraid (this is up to the plugin developer).



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