*SOLVED* Accessing log history after power outage

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There was a huge storm here last night and I lost power for around 10 hours. I would really like to check the UnRaid logs to see if my UPS did was it was supposed to with a graceful shutdown etc. When I check the logs they are only available from when the Server was turned back on this morning.


Is there somewhere I can access a log history? I have checked the wiki and done a few searches and haven't come up with an answer.


Cheers, R

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Thanks for the response @Gragorg. It would be great to have this running for the future, so I have found and enabled the syslog server for the local machine, but not for any remote server as I only have the one. I have also set the log files to be created on the cache drive in Appdata. My only question now is when will I see a log file there? It has been a few hours and no luck.


Screen capture is attached of my syslog settings

Screenshot 2021-06-10 202850.jpg

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