Asus board: how do when i do a shut down doesnt turn off WOL feature?

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im running an ASus Board.. as my backup server

its set in the BIOS for WOL   

as i want to have my main server tower  turn on backup server and shut down each night


what i finding  is  when i turn off backupserver from power button or from the gui..  it turns off the Network card light.. and you can no longer WOL... you need to turn off the power switch , or unplug power and replug it in  and the BIOS will re activate the WOL feature..


is there something i need to do for asus board to stop it.. and keep the WOL feature alive in the bios?


and the board is is 

ASUS prime a320m-k  with cheap cpu in there. cant remember at the moment


is it an AMD issue?  its turning off 


oh and i did add to the GO file

ethtool -s eth0 wol g




but it keeps resetting to "d"   for wol on reboot..

what is d?  

is there a config file to delete or like windows uninstall network card then re plug it back in  to fix the issue

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Simple  solution (although my servers are on 24/7) would be instead of shutting off the server would instead be to sleep them (S3 Sleep plugin)

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i do have the Plugin  and i tried  going to Sleep with the Power Button  and the ethernet lite shuts off..  but if i type that code

ethtool -s eth0 wol g  and then power button sleep mode  option then the ethernet stays lite up and i can re power it up backup


only reason  i want to sleep it.. or shut off is it doesnt do anything for 24 hours so at 3am  it backs up any thing the needs backuping up from tower's rysnc   usually its done in 10min -20min  and then i dont need it for another 24 hours so figure  dont need to keep it powered on 24/7  but i will if i have to..  which i already do now.. just trying to save electricty.. as in Ontario canada we get bent over for hydro prices 

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