Supermicro X10SLM-F + Adaptec Raid 6405E = More sata slots?

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Hello, sorry this might be a ignorant question but I currently have a Supermicro X10SLM-F and all the SATA slots (6) are full with 4 drives (1 parity 3 storage) and 2 cache SSD drives in a pool. Im on basic and plan on upgrading to Plus but before i do...


I want to expand my array with 3 more drives I have and I know I can easily buy a cheap used Dell H310 or similar and get 8 slots but I came across a FREE Adapter Raid 6405E and was wondering if there's any way to use this in combination with my motherboards SATA slots to increase storage. Is this compatible with Unraid? can I use this in combination with the motherboards slots or would i just be switching all drives to the controller which would basically put me at 4? I tried doing research but came up empty handed on this specific card.


Thank you in advance.



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I don't know is that controller is supported, and if it works as a HBA, but if you have it you can always try it, see if any drives connected there appear normally and temp/SMART data is available, you can also post diags.

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