Anyone Running a TRX40 over x570/ Threadripper or Ryzen?

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I am right on the fence of needing more PCIe lanes for a bunch of m.2 ssds. Im also considering going up to the Fractal 7 for 12 drives over the CS381 with 8 hot swap and mATX. Managing PCIe lanes and bifurcation on the x570 is kind of a pain as there are tradeoffs when using certain slots at 16x where the next slot drops to 8x and things like that so I'm thinking I'll go up to a TRX40 threadripper.


Anyone go from Ryzen to TR or even vise versa, and care to share experiences? All my old stuff is mostly ASRock Rack and ive been ITX for almost 8 years exclusively but might go back to my old old ways and go to ATX again. I dont see the server anyway.


I need 10Gb

I need 12 HDD drives

I need 9 m.2 ideally, can do 4 but I want to utilize my existing drives if I can

I would like a GPU for transcoding although I try to offer native sources as much as possible. < Not high priority


I'm thinking asrock rack TRX40D8-2N2T at the moment.

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Thinking about this further I think I'm going to sell my 1TB nvme drives and just get 2 larger ones and put them on the onboard 2xm.2 slots, then I can keep my 2 PCIe slots free for a graphics card and something else, maybe NVMe down the road expansion. The 5950x should be fine and a still a lot cheaper this way. Maybe an HBA too for more HDDs

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