SMART parameters being read every 6 hours when it is set to 125 hours

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I have my Disk Settings > Tunable (poll_attributes) setting set to 450000 seconds (125 h).  I see in my Syslog that "read SMART /dev/xxx" is being read every 6 hours for any given disk.


The only thing I have running on a 6 hour frequency is the Mover.  Is the Mover causing the frequent SMART parameters?



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Drive spinups also cause an automatic SMART read


But, I do have to question the rather extreme schedule you've set for polling in the first place?  Even 6 hours is much too long IMHO.  Why would you want to know 5.2 days after a drive starts developing problems according to it's own smart reports?

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34 minutes ago, Squid said:

Drive spinups also cause an automatic SMART read


It seems like that is what is triggering it.


As to your other question, I just don't want SMART parameters read so often, but it seems like they're being read much more often in practice.

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