New SSD for cache pool has strange identification

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I just installed 2 new SSDs to make a protected cache pool.

I didn't have any problems setting up the cache pool, and so far it seems to work just fine.


I'm just curious why one of them has a strange looking name.

The second one is SPCC_Solid_State_Disk_YTAJ210300687 which looks a bit more normal.

The first one is strange - SPCC_Solid_State_Disk_AA000000000000001686.

Unfortunately I'm not able to look at the disk and see whether it is really labeled that way because that would mean i would have to shutdown the server and pull the drive out, and i can't because I'm in the middle of a long file transfer.

Anyway I expect that both should have similar naming.


Also I think the temperature for both drives should be the same. I don't see any reason why one would be so much warmer than the other.


Has anyone had similar experience? Is this something I should be concerned about?


The drives are Silicon Power A55. I bought them because the price was good when it was on sale. But now I'm a bit worried that they're not good.




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Here's my diagnostics.

I haven't noticed any problems or SMART errors.


22 minutes ago, Paul_Ber said:

Ok my cache pool is 28C and 27C respectively.  My SSDs are labelled with similar serial numbers.


That 40C SSD seems really high.  What if it is defective and you are doing all those reads and writes?


Yeah I figured as much... It is strange that the temperature reads 40 isn't it?


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9 minutes ago, limawaken said:

I haven't noticed any problems or SMART errors.

I didn't mention there were errors, just that Unraid reports what the device itself is reporting:


Device Model:     SPCC Solid State Disk
Serial Number:    AA000000000000001686


 194 Temperature_Celsius     -O---K   100   100   050    -    40


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yeah i don't think its an unraid bug or anything like that... the drive itself does appear to be reporting that serial number and temperature.

i was kinda interested to know if anyone had similar experience, and whether this is something i should be concerned about.

i have some doubts about this drive, but as it appears to be working i don't think I can get it replaced or returned under warranty.

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Just now, limawaken said:

and whether this is something i should be concerned about.

It's not, devices are likely from different productions runs and serial size changed, as for the temp, it's not always accurate for low end devices, most likely one of them is reading wrong.

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thanks for your input.


Lets say if the drive is really faulty, i should be notified by UNRAID...

Would replacing the faulty drive be the straightforward stop the array, remove faulty drive, assign new drive, start array procedure?

it is a 2 disk cache pool, so there shouldn't be any data loss, right?

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1 hour ago, limawaken said:

Would replacing the faulty drive be the straightforward stop the array, remove faulty drive, assign new drive, start array procedure?

Pool replacement is broken in v6.9.x, you could remove the failed drive then add a new one, but like mentioned nothing for now points to bad drive.

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thank you, just the information i needed!

replacing a faulty cache pool disk is still possible, it just takes a few extra steps.


anyway just a small update - i contacted the manufacturer of my SSD. basically they said what you said about the serial number, no issues there. Seems that one disk was from an older batch and that was how their serial numbers looked (even tho i purchased both at the same time).

Then they wanted me to run some Windows software tool and send them the results. i assume there might be some firmware update.

Unfortunately the software is windows only and the drive must be connected by SATA. so unfortunately i won't be able to do that since my computer is a laptop, only 1 sata slot.

i suppose i could figure out how to boot windows from a USB...

until then i don't think i'll have anymore updates for this topic.

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