Home Assistant VM Stopped Connecting

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I'm running Unraid OS Pro v 6.8.3 and have been using the Home Assistant (HASSIO) VM almost flawlessly this entire time.  I am using SWAG as a reverse proxy (with duckdns).  Occasionally, I have had instances where I couldn't connect to my Home Assistant VM (maybe once a month), but a quick reboot of the VM always solved the problem. 


Today, however, I have not been able to connect to my Home Assistant VM at all.  I can see that the VM is grabbing an IP address (it shows up in my Unifi Controller), but I can't access the HA GUI via my external duckdns link or even my internal IP address. 


I can run the console (left click on the VM > VNC Remote) for HA... so I'm pretty certain that Home Assistant is actually running.


When I run an external port checker test on the 8123 port, it says it's closed (I'm certain it used to say open) but... my internal IP address doesn't work either.  I can confirm that I do have the port forwarding still setup in my Unifi Controller.


I'm stumped... I haven't changed anything my Unraid config, HA configs, or even my Unifi Controller in a long time. 


Any ideas on where to begin troubleshooting next?



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