Ryzen controller or Ryzenadj - improve Ryzen performance

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Hi, I am new to Unraid and basically new to Linux. I am using a AMD 3500U APU as my main server hardware with a modified CPU cooler out of copper. I found out that it is possible to change the TDP thresholds through Ryzen controller and significantly influence the performance.


My question is now, does someone know if it is possible to install this on unraid and has done this before? And if so, what would be the right approach? Through docker? Or directly on unraid using CLI or as a plugin?


Sorry if I am asking stupid questions. Any advice would be appreciated :).


Thank you

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You *should* be able to adjust the power targets in most newer bios revisions of b450/x470 or newer boards.

To controll Voltage and stepping behavior, maybe look into the "unraid first gen ryzen not boosting" solutions. There where User Scripts templates that you could populate with values specific to your CPU. Values where in HEX and someone made an Excel sheet to find all the right values. It should be googleable, if not - hit me up and I might have some old files on my PC.


Good luck!

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