Replacing a Parity Drive?

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Hi folks, hopefully this will be a quick one to answer.


I'm using UNRAID 6.8.3. I've been hesitant to upgrade the OS because I feel the need to replace a parity drive throwing SMART errors (see attached screenshot) with an exact replacement. My question is whether replacing a parity drive differs from the instructions for a standard data drive?


There is a "parity swap" procedure guide online, but it seems only relevant when replacing:


"a data drive with a larger one, that is even larger than the Parity drive."



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3 minutes ago, Gragorg said:

Use the standard replacement.  However before you do you may want to post your diagnostics here for the gurus to look at your SMART data as it could be a cabling issue and not the drive.

I went into the self-test section, downloaded and attached the SMART report for this particular drive. It would be amazing if folks with the know-how can read it properly.


For context, pre-COVID times, the server got a light knock (foot grazed the chassis in passing by a relative) and a few hours later it this drive was spitting SMART warnings. I opened it up at the time and reseated all SATA/power cables at both ends that same week. Chalked it up to a temporary lapse of connection. Year or so passes, array health checks pass, but I get additional warnings at random sprinkled in between the months (I live remotely from server nowadays, thanks to COVID).

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