Having a problem with unmountable disks

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7 minutes ago, trurl said:

Make sure you don't have a molex plugged in backwards. Seems impossible but it has happened.

Yes I have tried that. I have 2 chassis and a lot of spare external hba and internal hba. 
so I have tried the disks across 2 chassis with the same problems on the same disks. 
more disks show up on my spare chassis so it has lead me to believe it is a backplane problem with the norco 4024 chassis. 

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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

You can do a new config to keep the data in the remaing data drives.

Ok. I’m gonna test the drives one last time on a driver reader that I bought from Amazon. From there I will ask you how to do the new config. 
I want to say I appreciate everything and everyone in this forum. It’s really great how you guys help us newbs

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9 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Tools -> New config


Then just re-assign the remaining drives, parity will need to be synced.

I will only have one parity drive. Since one of my parity drives is 'missing/dead'

Also I am still having the original problem of the Red X on drive 1 and 9, Both are present before i start the array. 

Can these also be repaired? or will they be emulated from the one pairty?


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9 minutes ago, Gsusking2 said:

Ok when doing new config do I “preserve any current assignments” ?

again I really appreciate your help 

That is optional as long as you end up with the correct assignments before starting the array :)  I normally recommend using it to minimise the number of changes required when you return to the Main tab thus reducing the chances of making an error in the assignments.

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