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Hi all.  Have had some strange things happening with my server last couple of days.  Randomly dockers will stop working.  Or my VM may not work.  Or can't access the UI or any files.  Reboot always fixes, but symptoms seem to be different.  Currently everything seems to be working except openvpn.  Any idea what would cause this?  The flash drive is about 10 years old.  Could it be failing?

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5 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Next time it happens please post the diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics (before rebooting)

Thanks I was not familiar with the diagnostics feature.  I hadn't seen anything on the logs.  I have attached the diagnostics.  Currently, everything seems to be working fine except for the OpenVPN.  If more starts to fail, I can reupload the diagnostics.

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On 6/23/2021 at 7:40 AM, JorgeB said:

Don't see anything out of the ordinary logged, you should probably post on the OpenVPN docker support thread.

Thank you.  Turns out that openvpn did have a problem, but I don't think its the root cause.  If this pops up again where other parts of the server go down I'll be sure to post diagnostics.


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