vm issue with gpu & nvme passthrough

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I have invested in 4 licenses for all my hosts and I have issues I want solved. I want to be able to move past 6.9.0-beta25 in order to use my windows vm's which have all 2 nvidia gpus and 1 nvme passed through. They work just fine on the named version and not at all on any newer beta or stable version. Moreover I don't get any meaningful logs but just a screen freeze when loading windows 10 at the spinner stage and one ore more cpu cores assigned to the vm gets stuck to 100% usage. Any other vm's that I have with just a nvme passed through without a gpu or with nothing passed through are linux and work just fine on any version.


Anybody else having the same issue ?

unraid4-diagnostics-20210627-0651.zip unraid3-diagnostics-20210627-0651.zip unraid1-diagnostics-20210627-0651.zip unraid2-diagnostics-20210627-0650.zip

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