Very slow internet speeds over Wireguard

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Hi everyone! 


I am using Wireguard with remote tunneled access to route traffic from all my devices out to the wider internet. 


The problem is that at some point over the last few months the speed on this traffic has absolutely tanked. 


I am not entirely sure when, as I was living off grid on a tethered cellular data connection for the last 6 months, which would almost certainly have been the bottleneck from Jan - June. Now however I am back on broadband and the issue is very noticeable as being Wireguard related. 


For example, a speedtest on a VM on the Unraid server itself shows good connectivity (74 Mbps):



The same speedtest site on an ipad on my home wifi (without VPN turned on) also shows a decent connection (44 Mbps):



As soon as the wireguard tunnel is enabled, the speed drops dramatically (1 Mbps):



Here is how the iPad peer is configured:



I have attached the logfile from the wireguard app for this connection in case it holds useful clues.


This behaviour is replicated across all devices (tablet, laptop, phone). Wireguard off it's fine but once it's on browsing is at an absolute crawl.


The server is around 1000 miles away, but I have had good speeds on the VPN over this distance in the past.


I thought this might be to do with MTU, but my experiments there didn't seem to help. MTU is now set back(?) to 1400 anywhere I can see a reference to it.


The only other thing I have done in this time was to upgrade to 6.9.2, but this issue predates that. All plugins are up to date and my docker footprint is pretty minimal - I was running pihole but this has been turned off whilst I try to work out this speed problem.


Does anybody have any ideas/any advice on where I can find more detailed info to debug further? 


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