APC UPS Network Management Card 2 SNMP

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I have installed a APC Smart UPS from APC with a UPS Network Management Card 2. 

How can i get the data? when i use the USB Cable i dont get any Power readings, but it works for Battery % and static data as Serial number and such things

now i want to get it up over network with SNMP, i select "Ether" as usb Cable and "SNMP" as UPS Type. i enter the IP adress dont get any information, i tried something like ";apc;apc" too but no luck, anyone have more information how i can get this up and running ? 


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14 minutes ago, TheNyan said:

Cant help you with the network.

But if you set the USB Type to ModBus, you also get power readings.

You have to enabled ModBus on the UPS itself too, its in some sub menu.

i enabled modbus but when i set to ModBus (no matter if i use usb or ether) i get nothing :/

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Posted (edited)

Well, did you enable modbus on the ups itself? I also did a firmware update on the ups with the apc software. Maybe thats needed.

i have a apc smt750i and it works with the normal usb cable and modbus.

You also have to disable and enable the ups deamon after changing that setting.

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ok i get snmp working now, but the only thing i see more is "UPS LOAD %" 
"NOMINAL POWER" and "UPS LOAD" are still missing .. 

and yes modbus is enabled but i only see modbus tcp in settings, i dont think that this is modbus per usb

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