Two servers made from 1 and some parts

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Hello again,


I am thinking of building a new system for unRAID with the i3 and a socket 1200 mainboard.

I have now a AMD A4-3300 build with 11 disks, mostly under 4TB.

So I would like to split up the current build into a new build (i.e. with an i3-10100) with the bigger drives and the second with the A4-3300 for a data-only server for the backups via FreeNAS or some other free server OS and some of the leftover drives (lets say 5).


Thanks to you guys I got this answer on an other topic here:


Is that a good idea (to build a second server)
I've been recommended to split up my only server, so this is how I would do it.



Here the two builds I would end up with:


Server 1 (with a free OS):

Server 2 (with unRAID OS):  (this one will have a Supermicro HBA that I already own in my server atm.)


So I have to buy some parts, but then I will have two servers.

But are these build good for two servers and not too beefy Dockers?
Because I only use some docker apps for my current server, so I am not using my unRAID build for VM's.


I hope you guys can advice me on this one.

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