[SOLVED] Unraid Hard Freeze again

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So I've been experiencing the hard freezes of unraid that come with having a Ryzen cpu (2700x). I've read the FAQ and made the specified changes in my bios as well as adding "/usr/local/sbin/zenstates --c6-disable" to my go file. I went about five days without a crash and then got one a day or two ago at 720pm. Here is the relevent portion of my syslog, file starts a little before 720pm but it went down at that time which is exactly when the errors start, reboot happpened at 8:33 pm. I would appreciate any help in determining if this freeze is associated to my system being ryzen or if this is something else entirely. Diagnostics are from after reboot, thanks!


EDIT: Issue seems to be solved. The FAQ for Ryzen is there for a reason, follow it. Disabled c-states, idle power, and disable the DOCP memory profile and I haven't had a hard crash in a week.




syslog.txt tower-diagnostics-20210714-1718.zip

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