files being written to disk despite share being cache enabled

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Hi guys, 

I have a problem.

My disk1 would not spin down, and if I force it to spin down, it spins back up.

I have installed the file activity tool and noticed that stuff is being written to the disk on my cache enabled "downloads" folder. Deluge is pulling the stuff. 

Does anyone have any idea why this happens? 

Mover is supposed to run every hour but I also have Mover Tuning plugin, that limits the transfer only when cache is above 75%. right now my cache is at 10%. but i am not sure if it's this, as the disk spin up always, not every hour. 

Anyone has any idea how to spin down the disks and keep them like that? 

I have attached also a diagnostic. 

Thank you.

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Cache yes means that stuff gets pulled from the cache drive and then tossed onto the array.  Downloads currently exists on the cache and on disk 1.  Are you seeding?  That would keep disk1 active...


Most people would use cache prefer, so that everything stays on the cache drive and then overflows when needed onto the array.

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thank you for the explanation. I also understood cache yes as you described, but I was under the impression that with mover tuning plugin I can set the mover to only run when the cache is 75% full. 

that way the thing would move to cache only when the cache gets full. is that right?

I am seeding but from the logs show that it's actually pulling stuff directly to the cache as the files get modified or created 

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