New case = More room

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Just thought I would share my journey with you all as I upgrade my tower.

I was using a factual design case (Sorry I can remember the model) which gave me room for my cooling + my 10 HDD.

Wasnt much room for expanding in the case so a little while ago I bought a new case which up until we went into lockdown ( Thanks Covid ) I simply didnt have the time to move everything from 1 case to the other.

The only thing I have added in the move is the 3 drive bays. Everything else was just a case swap..

I now have a total of 15 drives supported with room to expand out to 23 drives before I have to get creative with my drive placements but due to the sheer size of the case I could get up to 30 drives if I need to.


The case I used is the Thermaltake WP100.

This case stands at 820mm high and 310mm wide. 

This case is so big it comes with caster wheels.

It currently has 2 x 360mm radiators in the bottom with room the expand to go thicker and longer if I needed more cooling. Side note the system of choice is a Threadripper 2920X, a water cooled 980TI and a 1080TI. Idle temp on the CPU is around 28 degrees and the GPU's sit at about 27 degrees with my daily VM running 24/7.


Enjoy the small amount of photos I took as I was building and feel free to post any questions or comments.












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4 hours ago, Vr2Io said:

Spend lot of time for consider WP100, a good case for different need. But no space for it.

HEHE thats why I gave it some lighting, if its going to be an stand out it may as well look good.

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2 hours ago, ChatNoir said:

Are you happy with your 5x3 drive bays ?


I am looking for one and the Icy Dock MB155SP-B is on the top of the list for now. I think that's the one you are using ?

Yes that is the one. Very happy with it. Easy to use. keeps the WD Red Pros nice and cool.

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