Disk 6 keeps going to DSBL - different disks, new cables

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About a week ago, I had a disk go into DSBL state.  My array continued to function.  The disk was locked to only hold my security camera footage, and my windows nightly backups.  I was not overly worried about either things (really important windows stuff also backs up to OneDrive).  So I drug my feet on doing anything about it.


I had a backup ready and pre-cleared in unassigned devices, so when i stopped my array this morning, I swapped the disks, and started parity rebuild.


15 minutes in I saw that the parity rebuild was super slow (4TB disk rebuild time was like 30 days).  Did some quick searching on the forums, and saw that the answer was to pause, and reboot the entire server.  So I paused the rebuild, stopped the array, and did a full server reboot.  Server comes up, I restart the parity build, Hooray! 10 hrs to complete.


And then, after 30 minutes, the Disk 6, in the middle of parity rebuild, the disk goes back to DSBL again.


Not sure what the issue is...New disk, never used, has been in the array unassigned for almost a year after being pre-cleared 3x.  Different cables (both disks are still in the array).


The rebuild is still running well, 130MB/s, will complete in 7.5 hours.


Im hoping that once the parity sync completes, the disk will "fix" itself?  I just dont understand what is wrong with this disk assignment that it is back in dsbl again, with a brand new disk on different cables.


Not sure if there is an answer, but attached are my diagnostics.  If anyone cares to offer advice, it would be appreciated.


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Disk dropped offline, this is usually a connection/power problem, but since it dropped there's no SMART.


9 minutes ago, dmoney517 said:

The rebuild is still running well, 130MB/s, will complete in 7.5 hours.

The rebuild aborted, you started a parity check, and no, the disk won't be re-enable when it finishes.

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Thanks.  I rebooted again, and have now restarted the re-build again.  This time the rebuild is running well at the expected 130MB/s.  And the disk is not in DSBL.  Diagnostics attached.  maybe the 2nd DSBL on the disk came because the parity rebuild got aborted?  I don't know - but hopefully this re-build runs successfully and the disk stays up.  I have another new drive coming in the mail tomorrow as well (received a new warning late last night about a different disk failing ((Subject: Warning [NAS] - seek error rate (failing now) is 6619148)), which is what got me moving on fixing this one so I could fix the other once it is needed).


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Of course, as I say this, I just got an email saying one of my parity drives went to disable state.  


I just put new SAS breakouts in after I had the issue with the last disk.  is it the controller?  Im now having constant dsbl disks with 2 different sets of cables.

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I am searching for firmware on the site in your pther post, but all I am seeing is drivers.  Sorry, I don't know a ton about SAS controllers.  I am searching for this model = 


LSI SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Falcon] (rev 03)


Is this correct?  When I search this on the support page, it only returns drivers.

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