No access to webgui or console on monitor

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Version 6.9.2 - Intel i3-7100, 8gb ram, Gigabyte z270x gaming 8 mobo, 7 x hdd and 1 x nvme cache all connected to the mobo.


The system was running as normal last night from what I can tell but then when I got back from work today the weubgui is not acccessable and if I plug a monitor in there is no output detected so no console available. There is no SMB access from my windows machine and my router is showing unraid machine as disconnected. I rebooted the router to check and it didn't pick it back up. The machine is still powered on and the ethernet is blinking steadily. This is the second time this has happened this week. When it first happened I ended up just unplugging power because I couldn't figure out a way to safely reboot or power down but I don't want to do this again.


Is there a way I can access the machine again? If not, is there a way to see what went wrong after turning it back on and also arrange a way to "control" the machine if this happens again?


As a side note, I was playing around with VMs before the first time it failed but turned off the VM service before the second time.


Any help much appreciated.




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Facing the exact same problem.


As soon as I selected the boot option the system, the system will crash (blackscreen, no webgui).



Version 6.9.2 (just licenced before the crash, installed on friday)

Ryzen 2600

MSI Gaming Pro x470

1x NVMe 500 GB (cache)

5x 3 TB HDD


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Thank you for your response. I will have a more in depth look on that.


But as far I've tried the C-State option as well as the Power Supply Option. Both haven't worked for me. Also the guys in that thread seem to have access to the WebGUI for at least some time. In my case however, this is not the case. Not even the shell is working.

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