is there a setting you need to get max speed of NVMEs? i not getting speeds Crystal Disk Gets

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i running disk speed on

a 3500/3000mb/s   and a 7000/5000mb/s  nvmes


they both perform around 2500 mb/s o dunno if its read or right in the diskspeed docker app..


the 7000mbs/5000/s  peaks at 800-1000gb   going to 3400 mb/s


but the 3500./3000  stayed constant around 2200/mbs  roughly


and my wd Satas   they stay constant


so is it a bios,  is it limited to the OS,  is it board


i running on a Asus X570 Tuf Gaming..  both Nvme are Gen 4 slot Pcie4


so i not sure why i not getting faster speeds  


is there a setting in unraid?  i wanted to use for dockers  and hopefully speed up Docker/Plex... sometimess Docker seems to be sleeping when you click it.. like a Spinner drive.. you gotta wait till it spins up then works.. it seems to be same for Docker..  also  i wanted to speed up Plex  it seems to be slow at times...


first to are Sata WD,  3and 4 are the XPG 3500/3000 and Samsung 7000/5000 mbs... i just seem to get max speed for sata but not for nvme






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