Start over but not really... fresh install with data, docker, vms as before

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My System i messed up. It takes forever to come up with the nginx webgui (about 10 to 15 minutes until the login to console is available i can finally see nginx starting in the syslog), my VM Tab does not open, i cant manually stop my array or have a clean reboot/shutdown. when i stop the vm service i cant restart it, because the unmount of libvirt img is bad and so on.


so i want to start over (already after 1 month of using it - personally i dont think 6.9 is a good release) but i dont want to lose my data and if possible, my vm and docker configurations.


are there any ideas/guides how i can create a fresh install but keep data/docker/vms? if possible, i would like to reuse my flash because i dont want to have to transfer my license key already...

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Unraid is already a fresh install at each boot. The OS is contained in archives on the flash drive. These archives are exactly as they were when you first downloaded them. These archives are unpacked into RAM at each boot, and the OS runs completely in RAM. It doesn't accumulate stuff like Windows, for example. The only other things are those things you have added, like your VMs and dockers, which you say you want to keep.


The problems you are having can probably be fixed without starting over.


Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post in this thread.

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7 hours ago, Michael H said:

youre wrong

about what?


Unless you actually have a problem with flash a fresh install is unlikely to change anything.


Backup the config folder on flash (which contains all of your configuration), do a fresh install on that same flash.


To get your license for that same flash, copy the .key file from your backup to the config folder on flash.


To get your disk assignments, copy super.dat from your backup to the config folder on flash.


Try it like that and see if you still have problems. If not we can work on getting other parts of your configuration from your backup.

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Also, while testing, make sure you have only one tab on only one browser on only one computer with no other connections to your server including mobile.


And whitelist your server on your adblocker or anything else that might interfere with the webUI.

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9 hours ago, trurl said:

about what?


that you said it could be solved without starting over ;).


now i did start over, i backed my flash drive up, formatted it, overwrote it with the contents of a freshly downloaded 6.8.3 zip, restored all my configs from the backup config folder and the super.dat (thanks for that, i would not have thought about that file!)


then i had to reformat my cache drive, because of that pool thing in 6.9 and recreated all my dockers (was cache only, but as the appdata is on array, no trouble).


for now, the system is behaving like i was used to before 6.9. quick starts, i can stop the array (yay!) and view/edit my vms.


it will be a long time before i upgrade to 6.9 again...

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