Unexpected shutdown on 6.8.3 (diagnostics and syslog provided)

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Hi everyone, 


a few days ago my unraid server started to shut itself down unexpectedly. I just noticed that my services were offline and then physically checked on the server and it was off. I enabled syslog on flash which I attached together with the diagnostics file (from after the shutdown unfortunately).


Last week I enabled AMD-V on the bios in order to be able to work with VMs. I just had docker containers before. One thing also worth mentioning is that I use different VLANs for the unraid server, dockers and one of the VMs. Not sure whether this can cause such an issue though.


From a time perspective, the behaviour occurred in the following timeframe.


18:16 Ethernet plugged out and back in

18:22 Reboot initiated


Between 18:23 and 19:54 the system shut down itself. 19:54 it was manually booted up again.


As you can see, there is no log entry between the reboot and the second time manually booting it.


I am really at my wits end and have no idea what to try / troubleshoot. :/


Thanks a lot in advance!

gravity-diagnostics-20210723-2001.zip syslog-2

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Shutting down by itself, instead of just crashing or locking up, is almost certainly a hardware issue and unlikely there will be something logged about that, start by checking temps and fans, could also be a PSU or board problem.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your reply.


Any known bugs regarding AMD-V being enabled? I remember some issues with C-States but I guess a kernel panic would’ve been logged?


And do you think the NIC can cause issues of that kind? Or could my latest Ubuntu VM cause something like that?


One thing worth mentioning regarding the network stuff: The reason why I plugged the network cable out and in again was the fact that the unraid server as well as my home assistant VM (same VLAN) were not reachable while the other VM (different VLAN) was still reachable. After plugging the cable out and in again, everything was reachable again. 


The hardware itself hasn’t changed since the server was put together. :/

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