New HDD, Preclear failed, then ran Unraid smart test and it failed too

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In the process of building my first Unraid server. Ran preclear once and one of the hard drives failed (Seagate Exos 18TB). So I ran Unraid short Smart test and it failed too. The drive that failed is new. Other than the preclear and Smart test error drive seems to work (e.g. I was able to format it). Is it possible to fix the error or should I be looking to RMA the drive? 


(I've attached smart report)

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57 minutes ago, trurl said:


Sending RMA is a bit of pain. Can you elaborate on errors in smart log? Is it something that I need to fix right away or it something that a utility could mark a bad sector and play it by ear to see if more errors show up later (i.e. RMA it later if needed)

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Using it as a drive in a typical non - RAID windows system it would possibly be ok.


The issue is in Unraid, every bit of every drive is valuable, as it will be used to rebuild a failed drive. All drives in the Unraid parity array must work perfectly, you can't afford to trust a drive with even seemingly minor issues.


I wouldn't RMA it, I would straight up return it for a refund and get another.

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