How to set environment variables for docker daemon?

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I'm trying to set up a registry proxy for the docker daemon. According to the instructions here, it is normally set using a systemd file. I have found that in unraid, simply setting the environment variables in a shell window and then using '/etc/rc.d/rc.docker restart' will properly get docker using the registry proxy.


My question is: How can I set the environment variables globally on boot so that the docker daemon recognizes them upon startup? Setting the variables in my go file or in does not work. After a reboot, the variable is set (from only), but docker doesn't use it until I manually restart it from the command line.


EDIT: For anyone else who ever wants to do this, I figured it out. There's a file on the flash drive at /boot/config/docker.cfg. Add the below lines to that file and your docker daemon will use a proxy.

export HTTP_PROXY=""
export HTTPS_PROXY=""


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