Shares become unresponsive randomly and for no apparent reason

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Hello People,


i have a problem that my share are becoming very unresponsive and slow completely randomly which can only be fixed via a restart or just waiting for i dont know what to do its thing.

i have yet to find out whats going on here but its always the same process thats going hard on the CPU but generally there is almost nothing going on on the server while this problem persists.


As you can see htop shows the process that pegs the server and IO top shows basically nothing.

The docker tab shows 0.3% CPU load on the most demanding container and stopping all docker containers does not fix this problem.



i already tried to remove the folder caching plugin but the problem still happened when the plugin was gone.

All disks are spun down, nothing is going on except for tiny amounts of data being moved on the cache drives.

Logs are clean as well.


does anyone have any idea whats going on here?

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