How to re-enable a disabled drive?

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8/2/21 update: I am still not sure why my disk is disabled, I suspect some read/ write errors but am not 100% sure. What I am doing however is using unbalance to move everything off of my disabled, emulated disk, and then plan to "shrink" my array without that emulated disk. This isn't ideal but I don't really have any other option at this point. Once that is finished and everything is running I am going to see if I can add the drives back in. Will update after that.

I had an issue with filesystem corruption and the disk being unmountable, and thought I needed to replace the disk. I put a new disk in and then realized I needed to repair the xfs filsystem. I did that following this video: started array
4) stopped array


5) added drive back in array (showed as new disk)

6) started array


When the array started I went to the main page and the disk was still disabled and the array was not rebuilding from parity.


I have attached the diagnostics and smart test for the disabled drive.


Thanks in advance!

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update plan
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