what's the difference between Parity-Check and btrfs scrub?


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28 minutes ago, trurl said:

parity check and scrub are completely unrelated, and parity has nothing to do with cache. And parity has no data.

Thx for your reply, do I need to run [ Parity-Check and btrfs scrub ] to protect my array from [ Silent Corruption and corrupted blocks]?


I just want to protect my data on Unraid server.😄

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yep, I have another backup disk.


How do I know some file fail on my array? Eg: one Pic fail on my 100,000 PIC, and I general do not use them within 3 years.


In general, the backup disk backup the full data one year ago. if one Pic fail and when I find it has passed two years.😭

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