[SOLVED] Wrong disk in slot after rebuild/reboot

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I stopped the array and started it back up, this time without clicking maintenance mode.  disk1 now shows as emulated, but with only 22GB of data on it. 


There was a lost+found folder but it contained few files.  Im assuming the file system check did what it could but I probably lost the rest of the drives contents. 

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I had placed old disk4 in another server in the hopes that the issues related to not being able to mount it with UD could be worked around, but it was complete hardware failure of the drive.  It wasn't even recognized by the bios anymore. 


I was hoping that because I had 2 copies of disk4, that when we told the array to use the new disk4 if there were any errors I could still use the old disk as a backup.  In case the failure that started this whole thing wasn't physical failure of the drive. 


I was just hoping.  I'm also hoping that I can try the same thing with the old disk1.  Hopefully i can load it into another server and see if I can get some of the information off of it.   

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I would just like to follow up on the issues I had in my original post. 


I was able to mount old disk1 in UD, and recovery all of the files from it and copy them back into my array.


I will be adding a second parity drive asap, and will be working on a backup for this one as prices of hdd permit.


I would like to thank everyone who helped me out (ie @trurl, @dlandon, @JorgeB, @itimpi). Your advice and instructions allowed me to recover my array without losing any files. I am ever grateful to the Unraid community for their help!!



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