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I'm a little confused about the warning I'm getting about my Bitwarden docker.


"bitwardenrs (bitwardenrs/server:latest) has the following comments: Deprecated in favour of vaultwarden. Just replace the repository on the template with vaultwarden/server This application has been deprecated from Community Applications for that reason. While still functional, it is no longer recommended to utilize it."


It's pointing me to vaultwarden/server as the repository but I'm seeing this warning message.


"This project is not associated with the Bitwarden project nor 8bit Solutions LLC."4


I really don't feel comfortable using a random image of something so critical.  I'm not smart enough to audit code, so who knows what the person maintaining the image could do with my information. 


Is there a way to use an official docker image right from Bitwarden?  That sounds a lot safer to me.

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