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I upgraded my very old Unraid servers to X11SCA-F and X12SCA-5F boards. The X11SCA-F server is great, but the X12SCA-5F is giving me issues and I am having a hard time understanding whether those are driver or hardware related, so need your help guys. Deciding whether I should exchange the board (not easy with me being in Canada and the board came from the US) while I still a have a few days to do so.


The X12SCA-5F has three NICs - an IPMI NIC and Intel's i225LM and PHY I219LM NICs, both should be supported by Unraid. The issue is that Unraid doesn't recognize the  I219LM NIC (tested with 6.9.2 and next RC1). The i225LM is recognized and works but file transfers to the Unraid server are erratic, starting at around 113MB/s, going down to 40-50, up to 80-90, then to zero, back to 40-50, up to 113, then 10-20, etc. From the server to Windows it's a perfect ~113 MB/s line. Why could this be happening? On the other server it's a perfect 113MB/s line for a while then drop to ~69MB/s and it stays there until the file transfer is done. Any thoughts? Deffective board or driver issue?


P.S. Installed windows on this machine too, updated drivers to the latest. The i225LM NIC works fine, wither transmitting or receiving traffic. The I219LM gets speeds of 300 Kbps for a minute than errors out. Accessing the internet is fine though, getting max speeds with 

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