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Is there a beginner's guide for docker networking types?

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I've tried to poke around (here, YouTube, general googling) but haven't found anything that is quite what I am looking for.


I'm new to unRAID, but have managed to set up a server with plex, the *arrs, Sabnzbd, and a couple other dockers. And everything is more or less working (with containers either on the br0 network or using host networking). But now I want to make it so that Overseerr is reachable from outside my network, and I know that means a reverse proxy, but that is the point where I run up against my own ignorance.


I'm pretty sure that the answer lies in better understanding how I should be setting up the networking between docker containers. Also, along with that, I have picked up a little bit about how I could/should use vlans to provide a little more security between my docker containers and the unraid system/rest of my internal network since I will now be exposing some ports to the greater internet and I'd love to actually understand that. 


So does anyone know of a resource that starts at the basics and works its way up to typical unRAID use cases, or do I need to just keep piecing together small bits of info until I finally get the whole?

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