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GPU usage pinned to full load 100% when idle

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Hello all,


I am stumped with this one.


After no apparent changes the GPU (Radeon Vega 64) is pinned to 100 use when idle.

First noticed when the fan went full exhaust a couple of times.

Downloaded GPU stats to see the use:




Then I would start a Windows 10 VM with it passed through, and it would go back to normal usage;




I snooped through the bios and could not find anything that speaks to the GPU - Initial GPU use is iGPU (

Intel® Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz) as it was set to IGD not PEG (PCI Express Graphics)


MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON (MS-7A63), Version 1.0
American Megatrends Inc., Version 1.40
BIOS dated: Fri 31 Mar 2017 12:00:00 AM EDT


Rollback to an older unraid version did not fix either.


Disabling plug ins (safe start), Dockers, and VMs did nothing.


The unraid install was standard per Space Invader One videos.


Only thing recently done was remade the Windows 10 VM as it disappeared when I moved from a SSD to a NVME for my VM pool.


Any thoughts would be appreciated!


I can post any logs or anything if it'd be helpful - still new to this and am at a loss.


Thanks in advanced!

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