Multiple simultanous Disk copy operations performance?


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I wonder if it is expected behavior to see very poor disk to disk copy performance when doing multiple simultaneous disk copy operations (disk to disk in Krusader/MC). I have 12x12TB WD Red drives. Let's say I copy large media files from disk1 to disk2 and the transfer speed is for this largely sequential operation is 240MB/s. If I start a disk copy operation with the same files from disk3 to disk4 the transfer speeds of both copy operations seems to drop drastically. Is this expected? When performing similar tests in Windows Server 2019 the speed does not drop the same way. Disks are attached to an LSI 9400-16i HBA in IT mode. Can this be tweaked?

The disks are in an array with 1 disk parity. Parity drive is a 12TB Seagate Ironwolf.

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2 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Yes, because parity need to be updated simultaneously, if you need to do this for a large amount of data best to temporarily disable parity, of course array will be unprotected.

Just to emphasise this point, if you have the array protected by parity in my experience it is actually faster to do the copies serially to avoid excessive head movement on the parity drive.

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