Backup - Copy - Restore Nextcloud in new Unraid Server


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Hi guys!


I've been crawling the internet and not been able to find anything clear. 


Currently I want to have a backup unraid server in case of hardware failure.


So I want to go from server A to server B.


I have nextcloud running and I would like to backup the whole nextcloud (docker container, MariaDB and Nextcloud Share).


I was thinking to run a backup on server A and recover it on server B. then to copy the whole Nextcloud share.


I don't know if it is that simple, but at leasts shows you what I am trying to achieve.


Have any of you guys done this?


I mean If you have a couple of users relying on nextcloud and if it breaks, what would happen?


Thanks a lot.



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11 hours ago, rojarrolla said:

I didn't know that was even possible, but if you write a tutorial of how to do it I will make another showing how to do it the way I did it.


Do we have a deal?



I haven’t done it which was why it was a question rather than a suggestion.   I am relatively certain that it is possible though.

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