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Netapp connection for IOM6 modules, connect IOM modules together or no?

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With the netapps, they have two IOM6 modules. I currently have an HBA that is connected to the top module's "square" marked QSFP+ port (I think that's the cable, my memory can't remember everything, lol). That's the only cable I have hooked to the whole thing. 


Should I then connect the top module's "circle" port to the bottom modules "square" port? If so, will this increase write speed to the array/disks (pooled devices, not in the unraid array)? Or is this more of a redundancy thing? or none of the above.

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That what I had originally thought as well, but had read a thread somewhere saying someone connected the two IOM6 modules. There were no details or additional information, so he/she may definitely be wrong. Figured I would look into it and see if anyone knew or if I could find supporting documentation. 


@JorgeB Thanks for always answering pretty much all my questions lately. I've just been doing a lot of restructuring and updating decade old equipment from when I first got started with unraid.

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